Bookish Friday

Bookish Friday is a collection of book-related posts I upload every Friday morning. Drop me a comment if there is anything else you want me to discuss…

Book DiscussionsBookworm Problems
Books Which Promote Girl Power
5 Reasons I Love To Read
Book Quotes
Mental Illness In YA
Books to movies, what’s the deal?
A-Z Books
Why Zoella is the best thing to happen to YA
Bookish Confessions
The Author That Made Me A Reader
My Favourite YA Couples

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This or That Book Tag
Unpopular Opinion Book Tag
Taylor Swift Book Tag
Rapid Fire Book Tag
The BFF Book Tag
The Ultimate Book Tag
My Life In Books Tag

Seasonal BooksSpring

TBRSeptember TBR
Unread Books On My Shelf
Summer TBR

Book HaulsJanuary Book Haul
April Book Haul
Summer Library Haul

Cover RevealsOnce and For All

Bookish Recipes.pngMr Weasley’s Magical Fudge Cake
Bruce Bogtrotter’s Chocolate Cake Recipe
he Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe: Turkish Delight

Author Discussions5 Reasons I Love Sarah Dessen

Q&AIt’s A Reader’s Life Q&A
Author Q&A: Anne Cassidy
Author Q&A: Chris Higgins
Author Q&A: Meredith Russo
Author Q&A: Cathy Cassidy
Blogger Q&A: Lois Reads Books
Blogger Q&A: Mystery Date with a Book
Author Q&A: Hayley Long
It’s A Reader’s Life Has Turned One!
An Interview with Paper Princess Author Erin Watt

Blogger AwardsThe Sunshine Blogger Award
The Liebster Award

My La La Land Experience
Beauty and the Beast: Why Emma Watson is the perfect Belle
Everything Everything Movie Review

Your Future Is Knocking – A University Post
Exam time? Get organised
A Week In Berlin

Social Media5 Reasons I Joined Goodreads
My Favourite Bookstagrammers

October (1)
Why I created It’s A Reader’s Life
Things I Wish I Knew Before Blogging
Content Inspiration



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