10 Books I Forgot How Much I Loved

Welcome back to another Top Ten Tuesday, how are we all doing? Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and this week the guys at The Broke and the Bookish left it open to us to do a Throwback Freebie so I am bringing you 10 books I forgot how much I used to love!

1. Twilight


My love for the Twilight Saga will never die! I was one of those hardcore Twilight girls back in the day but I owe so much to these books because they got me into reading again!

2. 10 Things We Shouldn’t Have Done


When I was in my local library the other day I saw this book and it brought back so many memories! I got this book out of the library when I was around thirteen and I was obsessed with it. I so want to reread it soon.

3. My Sister Jodie 


There will probably be a number of Jacqueline Wilson novels on this list because I was completely obsessed with her when I was younger. This is such a great book for the younger readers and highlights the importance of siblings.

4. Love Divided


Guys, this book was my life when I was 11. It was my first introduction to ‘relationships’ and I learnt so much about the YA genre from Love Divided.

5. Kiss


Kiss was my first introduction to all things puberty and sexuality. It was the first book I had come across feature a gay character and I would really recommend this to any parents who want to teach their children about growing up.

6. Forever

Image result for judy blume forever

Little 10 year old Emma was extremely excited to read a novel by Judy Blume. Her novels are known for being a little raunchy and I was obsessed with this book because I had never read anything like it. I did actually reread this book last summer and I was not a fan but when I was younger it was one of my favourite novels.

7.  Sundae Girl

Image result for sundae girl cathy cassidy

Along with Jacqueline Wilson, Cathy Cassidy was a huge love of mine and this was my favouirte novel. It explored separation between parents and this was something I was dealing with at the time so it really gave me a better understanding of what was happening.

8. Ibiza Summer

Image result for ibiza summer book

Ibiza Summer used to be my go-to novel. I loved the forbidden romance element to it and it always got me in the mood for summer and the beginning of the holidays.

9. It’s A 50/50 Thing


I have read this novel so many times I have lost count but I was literally obsessed with it back in the day. Chris Higgins is a huge YA author in the UK and this was by far my favourite of her books. There was even a sequel which I also love.

10. Love Lessons


This is the only Jacqueline Wilson book that still remains on my shelf and there is good reason for that. Love Lessons was about a forbidden relationship between a student and teacher and I was hooked!


Thats all for this weeks Top 10. Let me know some of your throwback reads in the comments. Until next time, happy reading!


4 thoughts on “10 Books I Forgot How Much I Loved

  1. OMG! You were 10 when you read Forever!!! That is like teen erotica. I think I was 15 or 16. I think my first Judy Blume book was Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing or Freckle Juice. I am born in ’72, so Blume defined my generation.

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  2. Yeah, I think I was somewhere around that age! I’ve always read books that are a few years higher than my reading age. I know she was super huge in the 70s and 80s. The only other book I’ve read by her is Tiger Lily

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