My Favourite Bookstagrammers

Hello everybody, how are you doing? It’s Friday which means its time for another feature and this week I’m going to be talking about my other bookish love, bookstagram. Bookstagram is a great way of talking to other book lovers and sharing your favourite novels as well as using it as a platform for your blog.

I follow well over 1000 bookstagram accounts so I’m going to try and narrow it down to my favourite 5. If you want to follow me on bookstagram, you can find me @itsareaderslife.

1. @celinereads


2. @molliethereader


3. @readingwithella


4. @penguinsareawesome97


5. @meowitsmegansbooks


If you have a bookstagram account let me know your handle in the comments so I can give you a follow. Happy reading!


17 thoughts on “My Favourite Bookstagrammers

    1. Haha! I keep finding that too, I follow so many accounts I can’t keep track. Awesome, I’ll give you a follow😊


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